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August 2011



California- Joshua Tree and Harmony Motel

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Indeed, just like U2’s 1987 album, Jason and I ventured out to Joshua Tree.  Aaaand! Got to stay in Harmony Motel (yes, we are slight dorks, and you can thank Jason for any pop culture knowledge that goes into the blog) 🙂

I, on the other hand, am a bit of a risk taker- so much so that it would have been helpful to know that the gas station we passed in Mecca, CA was the last one we were going to see for 66 miles.  But! Alas, we were 40 minutes away from sunset, and at the edge of Joshua Tree National Park– and we powered through. (well, actually coasted, thankfully most of the national park is downhill going north to 29 Palms)

On our journey, I was hunting for the famous ‘Joshua Tree’ though discovered that there is none, as it is another name for the Yucca Palm.

Eh? Eh? Recognize the Harmony Motel sign? 🙂