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July 2011



Antique of the Week

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Okay, so more like antique of the month. I couldn’t help but get the whole grouping. I mean, they go so well with the terrarium. The Robin’s Egg Blue-eque chair goes perfectly at the work station- accompanied by the matching coffee mug. (Along with the fantastic mahogany side table and the pink ice crusher of course)

We found these little gems at an antique store in Charleston, IL- while I was visiting my dear friend Andy who is attending Grad School at Eastern Illinois.  Persimmon Lane is an adorable little antique store located in the downtown, town-square area of Charleston- on 6th street, with an extremely nice owner. So, if you’re ever in the Mattoon area, I definitely recommend checking it out.

I love the way things used to be made, pink, innocent looking and everything. UNTIL- you open it up… Check out those chompers on the inside!  Not only does it crush ice, but the metal teeth can easily crush your fingers. None the less, it does an excellent job crushing ice into bits the perfect size for sliding into water bottles.

Gah! Look at that craftsmanship! The furniture designer in me just wanted to hug this table. The way the table comes together is fantastic. And, the legs screw off as well. Like my dad says- they just don’t make things like they used to. With mahogany and love indeed. 🙂

The big country sky on the way to Charleston-



May 2011



Deanna and John’s Vintage Chicago Tiki Wedding

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John knows just about everything there is to know about the topic of Tiki Bar Culture.  Which goes perfectly with Deanna’s love for anything retro and vintage inspired. Which made for some Chicago Tiki wedding amazingness. In my opinion, that makes John and Deanna the perfect match- especially since they met on The Onion. On top of that, John and Deanna’s wedding was the last event at Marriott O’hare‘s Nikko Room- scheduled to be remodeled from a classic Tiki Lounge to a convention center.  Bittersweet end of an era of sorts. Tiki culture you say? According to Wikipedia (which must be true) 🙂 The first Tiki Bar was built in Los Angeles in 1933.  Soon after, over the next decade, Tiki Bars started popping up all over the United States, with the common decor of primitive tropical cultures in a romanticized fashion.  Given, I know very little, but I bet John could write a 200 page info book filled with excellent factoids.

Deanna chose to go to the Tigerlilie Salon, to get ready with her mom and sister- a fun afternoon with the ladies filled with victory rolls and vintage waves.  Which, of course, go perfectly with tiki lounges, and Deanna’s Dolly Couture Wedding Dress, and her Grandmother’s pink crystal necklace.  The ladies at Tigerlilie were great, they knew all of the hairstyles (my personal favorite is the beehive) and used vintage hot coil rollers you just can’t find anymore.

John’s tie was made by the fabulous Lee Allison Company– which, ironically enough, we just read a mini article about them. English silk?  excellent. And! They’re a local Chicago Bucktown company.  The cake?  If you might notice, matches the exterior tile of the hotel. Deanna and John’s wedding focused on the fun, which always makes for a great time.  It was excellent meeting you guys and a blast to be at your special day, I wish you as much fun in life as you had on your wedding. 🙂