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January 2011



US Virgin Islands: Christi and Dan

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So when Christina and Dan asked us if we would come to the Virgin Islands to take Anniversary shots of them, we said HECK YES! And holy cow- it was AMAZING!  I can still feel the warm tingles on my skin (or perhaps it’s sunburn).  Christina and Dan have been married a bit over a year, and this fantastic trip doubled as Dan’s birthday present.  Warm climate in the midst of all of this crazy Midwest blizzard weather?  Best birthday present ever!  Christina treated Dan to a stay at Maho Bay‘s Eco tent cottages, which are up on stilts so you can hang with the iguanas in the trees. Maho Bay is located in the USVI’s National Park on the island of St. John.  If you ever have a chance to go to the Virgin Islands, I definitely recommend St. John- it’s amazing! The National Park allowed for the island to keep it’s natural integrity- so you won’t see too many homes lining the coast and cliffs unless you head out to the east side or to the town of Cruz Bay.

Christina and Dan live in Grand Rapids, MI and got married at the Blythefield Country Club in Rockford, MI just a bit north of their hometowns. Christina is studying  for health sciences currently and Dan is a fantastic engineering problem solver.  I woud just like to add an extra note that this was a fabulous idea by Christina- and it was even a surprise!

Now- we, of corse, took loads of happy snaps of other critters and scenes on the island, which I am also super excited about- but that will have to be in the next post. 🙂 Hope this helps with thinking warm thoughts!  We’ll have to see what the groundhog says about that in a few days.