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May 2011



Katherine and David Hyde Park Engagement!

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Spring seemed to be easy in Chicago this year- though, in contrast to the popular saying… May seemed to go in like a Polar Bear and OUT like a Lion. With a delightfully epic roar of a photo op for this Hyde Park Engagement.  Given, all of our lessons in lighting setups are a big shout out to Strobist and Flashfavor for the mounds of knowledge we soak in from their helpful teachings. 🙂

Originally, Katherine and David were going to bring their adorable new puppy along, but come to find out they now have two!  Little baby huskies, and adorable too- I have a bit of puppy envy right now.

Katherine and David’s fun and festive wedding is coming up in exactly 2 weeks at the Hilton Orrington Hotel up in Evanston.  And! It’s a brunch wedding, which always gets me excited- the morning sun of the ladies getting ready? It’s going to be great!

Every time I’ve met David, I feel as though he should be a professor.  While taking photos, he was like a kid in a candy store with all of the delightful history books all over the place.  Plus, he studied in Israel for a few years, on top of being a history buff.