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June 2011



Katherine and David

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The weather was perfect- a delightful 68 degrees and sunny in the midst of storms and 90 degree heat.  How did we get so lucky?  On top of that, the breeze on the lakefront in Evanston which we had the opportunity to check out after the wedding was excellent.

Katie and David got married at the Hilton Orrington, up in Evanston, IL. The details were wonderful- the centerpieces being one of my favorites- Books!  To go with the theme from the engagement shoot 2 weeks ago at O’gara and Wilson bookstore in Hyde Park. On top of the lovely stacks of books sat a well arranged mound of purple flowers, carrying the same texture as Katie’s dress. (And cake!)   From those details, we move onto the something old and blue- Grandma’s kerchief. <3

I was amazed at the detail job on Katie’s shoes- turns out she bought them on Etsy! The shoes were shipped just in time from Pretty Grotesque in London.

Rummaging though drawers a few weeks before the wedding, David stumbled upon a letter from his best man Daniel after summer camp in 1999.  David was the camp counselor and they had a great connection, from listening to new tunes, to talking about how the cubbies were actually winning, and the weather.  It was wonderful, and an amazing tear jerker during his speak, my eyes even watered until i bit my lip and kept on snapping photos.

Katie’s lovely mom suprised her with a visit from her friend from gradeschool,Thom Zolghadr (a talented violinist) who now lives in Los Angeles, wandering into the room, stylish with violin melodies and all. 🙂 EEEK!  I was having such a hard time keeping in the secret. But, she told us a few minutes before he showed, so there wasn’t too much time to keep quiet.



See? See!? The matching texture of the bouquet and dress?  Wonderful!

The best of congrats to both of you.  🙂  Enjoy the time together with the new puppies, and have fun at your new job!!! xoxo


  1. Katie says:

    What fabulous pictures! Studio Finch made our special day even more amazing by providing us with such beautiful memories to look back on!

  2. Judy Burns says:

    Gr-8 pictures. Hopefully there will be more to see. I especially love the one of David & katie on the beach.

    1. Howard Walker says:

      Yes, the sign says it all. “No Lifeguard On Duty”. They are on their own for the journey.

  3. Howard Walker says:

    Wonderful wedding. Wonderful photos. Keep both forever.

  4. I was so thrilled to see my beautiful niece so happy, and your photos really captured her joy – and David’s! I cried all over again today looking at this.


  5. Cara says:

    These are lovely pictures of a wonderful day. I’m so glad I could be there for Katie and Davids big day. I hope they stay as happy in the coming years as they look in these pictures.

  6. What a blissful, beautiful blushing bride! The groom wasn’t looking too shabby either:) Katherine and David will cherish this day for the rest of their lives and I’m so happy for them both. Lots more in store for these two in the future!!

    We all had a wonderful day… thanks to Ela and Jason for making it so memorable with all these great shots too~!

  7. Bill Kalbfleisch says:

    Katie & David are the perfect couple. What one needs, the other provides, in thought, word and deed. Thanks for sharing your special day with us. The photos are really terrific too!

  8. Annette says:

    I love the pictures! It was such and honor to be by your sides, Katie and David 🙂

  9. David says:

    Jason and Ela are an amazing team! I can’t wait to have these pictures in our home. Thank you so much for creating such beautiful memories for us.