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July 2011



Megan and Jim

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The sunrise was amazing.  Golden over the lake- casting a bright blue over the city and everything else. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Chicago in such a blue light.  Perhaps its because it was just after 5am. 😉 And Megan and Jim are amazing people for being up that early with us- AND looking gorgeous so early in the morning might I add. The sun also had about 30 minutes of cloud cover after it rose, giving us a fantastic photo-op in the 7 Weeping Willows. My favorite tree- and seven of them! In downtown Chicago? Who knew?!?

Megan and Jim actually met at their friends wedding, almost 3 years ago. How perfect is that? They are set to get married later this summer at the Wilder Mansion in Elmhurst- a lovely area with a fantastic courtyard and magnificent historic house. Megan is so sweet- she asked us how we were doing in the middle of the wedding season- it’s the nurse in her. 🙂 Megan we are so excited for your wedding and to see your sisters and Jim’s brothers standing next to you two next month!

Blue cityscape AND golden sunlight? Yes please!