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May 2011



Our Herbarium of a Terrarium :)

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Now that our winter coats and scarves have been officially put away for the next 6 months and we rub our eyes and awaken to spring, there is much to be done. Amongst the long left over Christmas bows and random Zappos boxes- our terrarium had turned into a plant graveyard of sorts.

You see, I always thought that slugs looked cool as a kid, I myself am a big fan of watching sea cucumbers swim in the sea- but!  It wasn’t until personal experience that we grew to loathe them…. our terrarium had turned into a slug breeding ground. Yep, that’s right… warm, moist, and gross. Ewww.  So! We cleaned the whole thing out to start again, salvaging a determined baby avocado tree and starting from scratch.

Jason got his terrarium from his late Grandpa’s house about a year ago. It belonged to Grandma Bowers and had been out of commission for almost 20 years, ready to be dusted off and filled with earthy love once again.

With our mini landscaping project in progress, Jason and I collect random stones, fossils, shells, seaglass during our treks and hikes wherever we go.

While purchasing the herbs on our trek to Meijer, I couldn’t help but burst out in excitement when I discovered such a thing as Grand Rapids Lettuce.  My hometown has it’s own variety?  And I found it at Meijer?  How perfect is that?  A big and loving shoutout goes to some of my friends who accompanied us on the hikes where random stones and shells have been found. 🙂