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May 2013



Our Trip to Colorado

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Ela and I took a short trip over to Colorado just before wedding season came into full swing for summer. It was the perfect 4 days to take in Colorado’s majestic natural landscape and enjoy some of the state’s amazing breweries. We even were gifted 12″ of snow on May 1st hunkering down in the middle of the snow storm in a little studio cabin lodge.
Much of the roadways crossing through the National Parks are closed in the beginning of May, which doesn’t allow for as many tourists to pass through. That was perfect for us, because it felt like we had Rocky Mountain National Park to ourselves for a couple of days, and we were able to catch some wildlife on the first day before the snowstorm hit.
2013-05-24_0012 2013-05-24_0013 2013-05-24_0014


The blooming birch trees made the forest look like it was glowing when the sun was setting.2013-05-24_0016 2013-05-24_0017b 2013-05-24_0018 2013-05-24_0019

The last shot, was what much of everything looked around us in the midst of the snow storm. Which made for the perfect excuse to sit by the fire and enjoy David Sedaris’ new book- “Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls“. (Check it out, it’s great!) Excited for wedding season!2013-05-24_0020


  1. Angela says:

    I love the elk photo! That is amazing