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May 2012



Leanne and Brian’s Musical Salvage One Chicago Wedding

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Leanne and Brian’s winter Chicago Salvage One wedding was filled with fun, dancing and warm spirits. The best way to describe everything that encompasses Leanne and Brian (besides love) is Music. From the guitar boutonnieres, the DIY music sheet wedding bouquet Leanne created herself with buttons and feathers, to Brian’s fantastic band ‘Sugar Mama and the Gold Diggers’. This paired with wine bottle wishing tree centerpieces, raspberry cupcakes, and a ska band that will blow your socks off made the wedding an absolute hit!

Not to mention a few Etsy finds Leanne had for her wedding- her necklace was created with hand stamped coordinates of Salvage One’s location and Brian’s wedding band had the dictionary’s definition of love stamped on it. Not to mention Leanne’s heart shaped “here comes the bride” sign created for the flower girl. Excellent! Now just wait until we scroll down to the dancing.

Brian warming up with his guitar.

Amazing ska dancing and kicking indeed!

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January 2011



Portage Theatre Wedding – Stephanie and Dave

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I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS POST!!!  Stephanie and Dave are so cute!!! These two had the most lovely indoor theater gumdrop candy popcorn Portage Theatre wedding ever!  I can’t even begin to describe.

Stephanie and Dave met on a late late Wednesday night randomly, at Marie’s- and they instantly hit it off due to their mutual love of Karaoke! Stephanie works in Music management, so it all comes together.  Oh and the dress!  Inspired by the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in the movie ‘Funny Face’- and made by the awesome estyer- Porshes Place. Every detail was fantastic! From the handmade necklace, to all of the fitted vintage bridesmaids dresses, to the buttons on the peacock feather boutonnière.

The ceremony and rehearsal all took place at Portage Theatre, up in 6 corners.  You know- from the movie about John Dillinger that Johnny Depp starred in? Public Enemy?  Yes! That one!  What a beautiful theatrical place! (given, John Dillinger actually was gunned down at the Biograph Theater, but that’s besides the point) The ceiling was my favorite- along with the stonework on the front of the building- and the little upstairs area where Stephanie was stowed away in.

Oh!  And Stephanie handmade all of the bouquets from tissue paper! They were amazing!  Along with the table centerpieces and various decorating delights. Speaking of details, Stephanie and Dave’s wedding bands had fingerprints imprinted on the inside of the ring. Yay! Big congrats to Stephanie and Dave! We can’t wait to grab drinks with you guys!