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April 2011



Zed451 Wedding – Denisse and Armando

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The weather was perfect.

Denisse and Armando’s Zed451 wedding was epic!  I have to say, brunch weddings are one of my favorites. All of the girls were getting ready at Affinia Hotel, bright and early in the morning.  And, by the way, the staff is amazing there. Gah! Check out all of  the details, from the shoes and flowers, to the jewelry Denisse’s aunt made specialy for her and all of the bridesmaids. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful. 🙂 All starting out with the first shot of little Natalia of the day…

There’s a certain energy when everyone gets ready together for the wedding- a bit of a mix of intimacy, calm, and excitement all rolled into one.  The major part of the calm is because Denisse’s dear friend/ wedding planner Ira Staples had everything set up perfectly!

Like father, like daughter- these shots were taken within a minute of each other. 😉

Perfect reception location!  ZED451 seemed to have infinite photo ops, every angle of that restaurant is amazing!  Denisse and Armando’s ceremony was on the second floor. Details included in that? a ring warming ceremony coupled with a touching winebox ceremony.  What is that you ask?  Denisse and Armando wrote love letters to each other and accompanied them with a bottle of wine Denisse purchased for a special occasion 10 years ago.  They sealed and locked the box and each year will add another letter to the bunch until their 10 year anniversary- when they will spend an evening opening the envelopes and drinking the wine. Yay! Hahaha, when their grandmother handed them the bottle of wine during the ceremony, she proceeded to mention- “Don’t worry, I didn’t drink it.” Awesome.

Best officiant ever!  Not to mention, he is an awesome dancer.

We were taking shots on the rooftop, when Armando asked Denisse to dance- what a touching location for the first dance!

Armando and Denisse, you two were absolutely beautiful and amazing.  Thank you so so much for giving us the opportunity to shoot your wedding.



March 2011



Justin and Cassie Engagement!

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Yay for Justin and Cassie!!  These two love birds (or should we say love fish, since they’re getting married at an Aquarium) live in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Well- mostly, Justin is currently on assignment for his fabulous scientist techy job in Michigan- which Cassie has had the pleasure of visiting the Midwest during the few months surrounding Snow-apocalypse.

The engagement session was so much fun! We got to bear the super cold and sharp wind during sunrise near the Shedd Aquarium (troopers, I know) to the warm delectable delisiousness of Intelligentsia coffee- Roasted right here in Chicago! And when Cassie mentioned she didn’t have a chance to see the Bean, well, we had to get a few shots there!

Super excited for Justin and Cassie’s wedding.  Like I mentioned, aquarium!  Fish!  Seashells! The whole shabang!  Cassie actually has a wedding blog where you can see her whole process. I don’t know how she has the time to blog all of that while teaching high schoolers.  Great students though indeed. 🙂

So- the aquarium where the wedding will be is in North Carolina, right along the sunny, warm and amazing Atlantic coast.  Fort Fisher Aquarium is located just south of Wilmington on one of the lovely little cay/penninsula/island chunks of out stretched land with a big basin keeping it away from the mainland. And!! THEY HAVE AN ALBINO ALLIGATOR!  That is so fantastic! There are loads of lovely critters and fishies which will assist in making Cassie’s wedding absolutely fabulous this summer.

So exciting! We love Cassie! She is so full of ideas! And Justin is awesome and able to withstand loads of cold cold weather.  See you two in a few months!