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Meson Sabika Naperville Wedding – Nathalie & Saul

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Blush- as in the color, was the prefect choice for Nathalie’s amazing wedding dress, along with her flowers from┬áStemline Creative.┬áNathalie and Saul’s big day was filled with dancing, mariachi, and love. Their reception was at St. Paul in Chicago and reception at Meson Sabika in Naperville.
Saul picked a fantastic place to get ready- Simone’s in Pilsen. ┬áIt was an excellent touch of color to the guy’s afternoon, and a good start to the Mariachi festivities.

2013-02-12_0001 2013-02-12_0002 2013-02-12_0004 2013-02-12_0004b 2013-02-12_0005 2013-02-12_0006

Did we mention Saul knows how to pick a great place for him and his groomsmen to get ready? Simone’s in Pilsen had all kinds of vintage/steam punk goodies.2013-02-12_0007

2013-02-12_0008 2013-02-12_0009 2013-02-12_0010 2013-02-12_0011 2013-02-12_0012 2013-02-12_0014 2013-02-12_0015 2013-02-12_0016 2013-02-12_0017 2013-02-12_0018 2013-02-12_0018b 2013-02-12_0019 2013-02-12_0020 2013-02-12_0020b 2013-02-12_0021 2013-02-12_0022 2013-02-12_0023

Almost too pretty to eat…almost.2013-02-12_0024 2013-02-12_0025 2013-02-12_0026 2013-02-12_0027 2013-02-12_0028 2013-02-12_0031 2013-02-12_0032 2013-02-12_0033 2013-02-12_00342013-02-12_0036 2013-02-12_0038

Below you can see an image of the La Vibora Ceremony, similar to “London Bridge” where guest dance and hold hands in a circle going underneath the bride and groom standing on chairs.2013-02-12_0039 2013-02-12_0040


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WPPI 2012

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In the midst of our roadtripping and trip to vegas, when we paused for a second we realized that we were going non stop! So so much wonderful information to take in. We arrived home with our suitcases twice as heavy and our minds all the more full. From the speakers, gizmos and gadgets, conference demos, and evening events- WPPI was 4 long days of go go go, little sleep, pads filled with notes, inspiration, and excellent stick figured lighting setup diagrams. Some of my favorite presenters were among Chris Gray, Damon Tucci, Jasmine Star, Jose Villa, and Dan Shields.

Jose Villa was so inspiring to listen to- I’m sure you’ve seen his photos in Style Me Pretty or Ruffled. After his presentation he stayed after for a couple of hours answering everyone questions and letting all of us pick his brain. We all were kicked out of the room by security and continued our pow-wow on a couch in one of the lobbies of the conference center. ┬áWhat made Jose memorable for me is the fact that he shoots only in film. He actually gave us a Diana camera the next day at the expo with a boat load 120 film. Thanks Jose!

In the midst of all the gizmos and gadgets- one of the newest to-dos was the icelight, essentially portable daylight shaped like a short lightsaber- and we bought one. We couldn’t resist. ­čÖé As the days and nights blew by us, we made sure to check out the old strip and remain a bit touristy ourselves.

Jasmine Star:

Cannot wait for the ice light to ship in a couple of weeks!

This guy’s work is amazing- there was a 2 hour waiting list for his face sculptures when we stopped by at 11pm!

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