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January 2015



Announcement 4 – Last announcement, We are going to India!

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Yup. You read it.

Some of you might have been wondering why our road-trip map ended abruptly in Las Vegas instead of circling back in Chicago. We are officially traveling to India, specifically Bangalore, India, to photograph a wedding March 6th and 7th. Thank you so much to Aditya and Nichole for this amazing opportunity to photograph your Indian wedding.  Your wedding is going to be a blast!

We will be leaving our dear little Toyota in Las Vegas, and we will see her again a few weeks after we get back to Chicago.



March 2012



Oh, The Places You’ll Go

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Something I’m always thankful for is all of my amazing lifelong friends- Emma being one of them.  Distance hasn’t ever affected us- from the times she lived in Senegal and Italy, to when she lived in Washington. Amazing adventures indeed!  We went to elementary school together, and just about had a class together every year since.

I remember on our last day of 8th grade, our english teacher Mr. Crowe read us ‘Oh, the places you’ll go’ by Dr. Seuss- and he was right.  The places we’ll go, and together as well. Currently, she’s living in Los Angeles and I’m lucky enough to have the chance to visit her.

Tomorrow we are photographing Ryan and Mari’s wedding at MoLAA in Long Beach. Pretty excited, because they are pretty amazing. (I mean, come on! Did you see their photos??) Awesome duo.

And that leaves us to plan for the adventures ahead-


WPPI 2011  •  Feb 20-23  •  Las Vegas, NV

Ryan and Mari  •  March 24  •  Long Beach, CA

Alex and Hiro  •  May 23  •  Honolulu, HI

Carrie and Ted  •  July 14  •  Door County, WI

Elle and Tommy  •  July 28  •  Detroit, MI

Victoria and John  •  October 20  •  Philadelphia, PA

Eileen and Grant  •  June 22  •  Davenport, IA


Can’t wait for an amazing year!

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