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October 2012



Insta-Jason Summer Amazingness

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Instgram summer!  It was a crazy whirlwind with weddings in Michigan, Wisconson, Chicago- along with prepping for our own wedding at the Blue Dress Barn.

Sunset Junque Antiquing, homemade bread, belgian beertasting, WILCO, wedding at Woodwalk Gallery, sending out yellow invitations, ombre dying napkins, glueing wedding programs, antique place settings, Founders Beer planning break, Visiting Acorn Theatre, Helping Tracy train for the Chicagho Marathon, Angela Matching her hospital tags, Renegade Art Fair, Filming Tim Rees’ instruction video, post wedding distillary tour at Journeymen, doggie friends, and Ravenswood Art Walk.  AMAZING SUMMER!


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April 2011



Wes Andersen Themed Engagement Photography – Jen and Andy

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This Wes Andersen Themed engagement photography session was just fun, Jen and Andy are a delight. First things first- Best. Outfits. Ever.  Seriously!  Jen and Andy’s outfits made every shot look like an album cover.  And!  Best Part?  Andy found Jen that amazing orange and white dress. Not to mention it made the start of our shoot at Cavalier Lighting all the more timeless. Cavalier lighting is a hidden gem which Jen found in Ravenswood, not too far from the lake. So a couple of  “did you know”s…  🙂  Did YOU know that the owner of the shop is so incredibly extremely nice?  She let us set up shop while we snapped away a few photos while she smiled and reminisced about her days of young love.  Aww. Did YOU know that they were the first lighting shop in Chicago to specialize in antique lighting?  Indeed!  They opened in 1953.

Jen is owner/creative director of JIH Designs Inc. aka: amazingly creative graphic designer. When I saw her save the dates, I felt like a kid in a candy- well, more like a design nerd in a design convention spotting an awesome save the date. And!  She made Andy’s beard look perfect. So how did they meet?  Well, Jen was on assignment for a local band through her friend Todd. And through Todd, she was introduced to Andy.  Little did Andy know it, but Jen is a hugger. Upon Todd and Andy’s departure from their meeting with Jen, she proceded to give Todd a hug. And after she hugged Todd, she looked over at Andy and didn’t really ask, but instead said “I’m going to hug you too, OK”. Not waiting for an answer, she proceded to get on her tiptoes and hug him. He had quite an odd look on his face as he stood still, not really sure what to make of that!! Well, somehow, Andy stumbled upon her number and for the following weeks the chatted back and forth over the phone. It is still a mystery as to who did the initial ‘asking out’ for the first date, but now Andy is a full fledged hugger and the rest is history. 🙂

From Cavalier Lighting, we headed over to Montrose Harbor, so some excellent action jump shots as well as a chunk of nature and a view. And then we had the opportunity to stop by Jen and Andy’s favorite diner- the Chicago Diner, which has some amazing vegan milkshakes.  Try the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Shake! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. From the Diner, we headed downtown to be able to capture the classic shot of the Marina Towers which is on the cover of one of Wilco‘s Albums, one of Jen and Andy’s (along with myself and Jason’s) favorite bands.

So! Jen and Andy are getting married at Andy’s family farm which has been in the family for 7 generations!  How awesome is that?  It’s in Yorkville, set on acres and acres of land with rolling grass and meadows and trees as far as the eye can see.  Their actual ceremony will take place right next to the barn and silo on 9-10-11.  Now how perfect is that date?!  We are so excited for you two!  Your wedding is going to be amazing.

PS to Jen and Andy- feel free to bring your awesome doggie along, I would love to meet him!