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June 2013



The Pulsera Project in Nicaragua

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While scoping out locations in Nicaragua, we had the opportunity to go with Nicole’s family to visit where Nicole and Joel met. Joel, along with his mom work for an amazing organization called the Pulsera Project. The Pulsera Project is a non profit which works to help educate young Nicaraguans and provide opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise with housing, schools, community, and economic opportunities that the boys would otherwise not have. One of the trades they teach the students is how to make Pulseras- a Pulsera translated into English is a bracelet. Specifically, these are friendship bracelets.
Nicole had an internship and her international placement for her MSW placed her with this organization. She stayed down the street from the organization, she met Joel one glistening summer day- and the rest is history. It was touching to have the opportunity to see where Nicole and Joel met.
More info on the Pulsera Project here.

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