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January 2017



Our Trip to Japan Nara and Osaka Edition (Part 2)

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We took a day trip over to Nara so that I could experience the ever amazing Mochi man- the fastest Mochi pounder in the world!  Aaaand it was an excuse to cheat on my diet and try some of his amazingly warm and gooey green tea/red bean mochi.  It was phenomenal.

I can even begin to explain the amount of joy this action shot gives me.  And the fact that I was able to capture it on 120mm film… it was… oh what’s the word for it?  Ah- yes, a serendipitous moment. 😀

We started off  taking the train from Kyoto over to Nara- which is where the famous mochi place is- and AND! There is also a giant park where you can feed the deer cookies.  It was the best.

The deer also do tricks- if you bow to them, they bow to you for cookies. Yep- these wild deer know what’s up. That’s Jason in the middle of receiving a bow back… and in the blurry forground you can see a deer butt in the midst of pestering me and trying to get into my pockets for some deer cookies.
So something else I learned is that deer antlers are actually kinda squishy- and super sticky!  I had no idea.

Here’s another shot of the mochi guys. The name of the Mochi shop is Nakatanidou and it’s on the Sanjo Dori road.

And here is a link to a video about them in case you guys are a bit curious. 🙂

Aaaand after our afternoon in Nara, we hopped on a train to Osaka to have some sushi and wander around a bit more before hopping on a train back to our Airbnb in Kyoto.  (The JR Pass, I’m telling you, is awesome.)