About us Ela + Jason Finch

Ela Finch got her start in photography at the University of Michigan's school of Fine Art. She went on of obtain another BFA in furniture design at Kendall College of Art & Design with a Scholastic Gold Key Scholarship for painting.

After college she was drawn back towards photography. She loved the dark room and still shoots a few rolls of film on couple's wedding days. Ela takes a fine art editorial approach helping create a storyline in the best light possible.  She absolutely loves chasing light and color while capturing the celebration and story that is your family and life.

Jason Finch is a photojournalist who got his start at the American Red Cross in Washington DC. Originally shooting sports photography, Jason came to the Red Cross with an MBA and as a social media manager.  This is where Jason learned to photograph people and tell the story of how the Red Cross helps people in their time of need. Jason's favorite part of photography are the people, and the unpredictability of the moment. 

Jason has an amazing ability to capture those between moments, encapsulate memories and candid moments in tangible form. After leaving the American Red Cross, Jason went on to pursue an MSW at Dominican University. It was there where he learned that he loved capturing the human emotion and telling people's stories. It all clicked when Jason photographed his first wedding for friends in 2010.

We come together to a unique look of fine art photojournalism.

We absolutely love working together. As a seamless duo, when working 200+ weddings together there becomes an unspoken language, a look, a hand signal – we know where the other one is going to be in order to capture the intimate nuanced moments of your day. Weddings are an incredible life event we are privileged to be a part of. Our goal is to deliver couples a multi faceted story so that you can look back on one of the biggest days of your lives and relive each and every moment and encapsulate them for future generations to come Our love of photography inspires an insatiable wanderlust.

We love traveling and immersing ourselves in the lives and stories of people abroad. We love cooking with spices smuggled in from faraway places, finding incredible sales on flights to anywhere in the world.  Our favorite recent adventure was traveling to Moscow, where the historical pastel stucco buildings lined the downtown streets. It reminded us of Paris.

We are incredibly lucky to live in Chicago. Chicago's skyline and parks have the most scenic city location options for couples to have their portraits taken. We live in Ukrainian Village- on the top floor of a little 3-flat where you can sometimes see the Hancock and Willis towers peeking through the trees.

Most of all, we are huge fans of Charlie, our adopted poodle from Wrightway Rescue. He is black with a white mustache and white belly & paws. I like to think of him as the cute miniature version of Bo, the Obama's first dog. I wish I could take him everywhere we go.

Things Ela Loves Charlie the dog ->
Chasing light in farway lands
Støk unsweeted coldbrew coffee
Swimming across lakes
Malort (for real!)
Things Jason Loves Coffee... all the coffee
Cauliflower crust pizza
Collecting coasters
The Office
Handpoured candles
A map of destination weddings We photographed
across the globe

We have been lucky enough to photograph weddings all over the world. We have photographed anywhere from California to New York City as well as Hawaii to Cancun. People's love stories have taken us across the ocean, capturing memories from Spain to India.

As a duo of fine art photojournalists, it would be an honor to capture your memories, whether it be in Chicago or anywhere in the world.