Naperville Wedding Photography by Studio Finch Naperville Wedding Photography by Studio Finch

A delightful backyard Naperville Wedding


Amy has impeccable taste- and patience. And it showed with all of the amazing hard work she pulled off with her  team in the backyard. It was completely transformed into the perfect Naperville wedding after party/bonfire/danceoff/photobooth/patiolight amazingness. From diy tea tin wedding centerpieces, to the photobooth props and furniture, it was unforgettable. And- a perfect place to have a first look before the ceremony.
Mike adds to Amy’s great tastes by not only being devilishly handsome, but also for getting her a west elm credenza as a wedding gift. (and you all know that I love me some West Elm.) 😉
Amy and Mike had quite thoughtful wedding favors little boxes filled with some of their favorite things, fruit jam, and hot sauce.  Excellent choices!

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Wedding Dress- Nicole Miller – love her!
Bride’s Shoes- Laura Ashley
Florist- Phillips
Hair- Maria from Zano’s Salon
Ceremony? New Covenant Church
Reception- Maggiano’s
Afterparty- Mike’s Parents’ delightfully DIY wedding decorated Backyard <3
Honeymoon- Denver!

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