Chicago Catalyst Ranch Wedding - Sarah and JD Chicago Catalyst Ranch Wedding - Sarah and JD

Chicago Love- Sarah and JD’s Chicago Catalyst Ranch Wedding


Sarah and JD had their wedding at the eclectic Chicago Catalyst Ranch. Colors, knick-knacks and hulahoops were everywhere. And it was a bright and sunny day for this wedding to take place- along with the fact that it was the same weekend as the G8 Summit held here in Chicago. But! the streets were actually empty! Which was pretty amazing for Chicago summer traffic.
Sarah’s Jenny Yoo dress fit like a glove, and the pinks, yellows and grays were a perfect match to Catalyst Ranch’s array of colors.

2013-02-17_001 2013-02-17_002 2013-02-17_003 2013-02-17_004 2013-02-17_005 2013-02-17_006 2013-02-17_007 2013-02-17_008 2013-02-17_009 2013-02-17_010 2013-02-17_011 2013-02-17_012 2013-02-17_013 2013-02-17_014 2013-02-17_015 2013-02-17_016 2013-02-17_017 2013-02-17_018Love this guy. He really knew how to make use of his time at Sarah and JD’s Chicago Catalyst Ranch Wedding.
2013-02-17_019 2013-02-17_020

G8 summit? yes, one of their meeting points was outside Catalyst Ranch’s windows.2013-02-17_022 2013-02-17_023 2013-02-17_024 2013-02-17_025

And! We mentioned hula-hoops!2013-02-17_026 2013-02-17_027 2013-02-17_028


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  1. Jessica says:

    What a colorful venue!