A Chicago Engagement Photography Session - Bea & Steven A Chicago Engagement Photography Session - Bea & Steven

A Chicago Engagement Photography Session- Bea and Steven

Bea and Steven are getting married tomorrow!! So, what a perfect time to share their Chicago engagement photography session!
Knock on wood- we have thankfully bypassed the crazy snow/hail storm today to make room for a bright sunny day for their wedding at Artango tomorrow. Being a lover of Jeans over Lace- Bea was super excited to get Chicago engagement photography done as a great way to practice before their big day. Steven and Bea met when Bea started teaching at Steven’s school. She was placed under Steven’s wing to co-teach with, and it all started from there. That first date? Well, it didn’t start as a date, just as friends going out for a drink at a Sports bar-  but throughout those hours, those looks across across the table, you just know something special is taking place- and from Bea voicing her feelings, it all started from there.
Can’t wait for tomorrow! 🙂
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A squeeze and a hug, my favorite. 🙂2013-04-20_0006 2013-04-20_0007 2013-04-20_0008 2013-04-20_0009

Love me some Tom’s shoes.2013-04-20_0010 2013-04-20_0011 2013-04-20_0011b

Milky golden light?  Of course, Jason’s favorite.2013-04-20_0011c 2013-04-20_0012 2013-04-20_0013 2013-04-20_0014 2013-04-20_0015 2013-04-20_0016

Back to Jak’s Tap where it all began. 2013-04-20_0017

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  1. Very nice shoot. Love the industrial look and the bridges you used. Lots of different locations … Well done …

  2. What can I say to describe how we feel about Studio Finch? Ela & Jason are amazing photographers – being around them made us feel cool & young again. Infinitely grateful…

    1. Darius Mitty says:

      Not that you guys aren't young, already. 😉

    2. Oh you're too sweet!

  3. Mr.McGregory says:

    Mr.Mullooly’s getting MARRIED?!