Chicago Wedding Photography - Danley and Jonathan Chicago Wedding Photography - Danley and Jonathan

Danley and Jonathan’s Wedding!

Jason and I had the opportunity to meet Danley through Denisse- they went to college together (the amazingness of facebook I must say) 🙂 I can still remember little Olivia when we met Danley, bright eyed and excited to take in the world.  It was amazing- And! You get a chance to meet oOivia today as well.

Danley and Jonathan had their ceremony at St Vincent Depaul- showing a bit of the scenic and lovely cathedral on campus.  I mean- check out the stained glass!  From there, we went off to the reception which was at the Crowne Plaza, filled with soft silvers, whites, and golds.  Amazing day to do some Chicago wedding photography!

SEE? Isn’t Olivia adorable???

Danley, you looked absolutely amazing in your trumpet dress. I haven’t seen anyone willing to scramble on ledges and do it with grace and laughter like you. 🙂

With the help of your husband of course. 🙂

Jonathan’s Fake out!

Did I mention Jonathan can pitch an amazing fast ball?  He’s a coach and Physical ED teacher- so there’s no doubt that the it goes well with the garter toss.