Detroit Belle Isle Casino Wedding Detroit Belle Isle Casino Wedding

Elle and Tommy’s Detroit Belle Isle Casino Wedding

Elle and Tommy were an absolute blast at their Detroit Belle Isle Casino Wedding, they got everyone up and dancing at the reception- with the help of the Larry Lee & the Back in the Day Band of course. 😉
Tommy, as a writer/actor extraordinaire, also provided with some of the most dashing groom smiles we’ve seen to date. Oh, speaking of Extraordinaire- did we mention that Elle is in a Marching Band?  They came along on the trolly after the ceremony.
Elle and Tommy had their ceremony at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Tommy’s parents’ church, and is a beautiful open and light space. For the rest of the dancing festivities at Belle Isle, read on! <3

2013-04-01_0832013-04-01_084 2013-04-01_085 2013-04-01_086 2013-04-01_087 2013-04-01_088 Elle, you are absolutely gorgeous!
2013-04-01_089 2013-04-01_090 2013-04-01_091 2013-04-01_092 2013-04-01_093 2013-04-01_094 2013-04-01_095 2013-04-01_096 2013-04-01_097 2013-04-01_098 2013-04-01_099 2013-04-01_100 2013-04-01_101 2013-04-01_102 2013-04-01_103 2013-04-01_105 2013-04-01_106 2013-04-01_107 2013-04-01_108 My most favorite wedding hug ever- Tommy’s dashing smile?? He gets that from his mom.2013-04-01_110Floating? because they’re on cloud nine (sorry, couldn’t help it) 🙂
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Detroit’s Belle Isle Casino is an amazing space filled with history.  The ceilings make you look up in awe, I’m so incredibly glad that the space is open for weddings.2013-04-01_114Round DIY wedding paper fans? Elles hard work.
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That’s right- Larry Lee signs his own guitar. 🙂2013-04-01_129b 2013-04-01_130 2013-04-01_131 2013-04-01_132 2013-04-01_133 2013-04-01_134 2013-04-01_135 2013-04-01_136

As a wedding gift, Tommy’s Dad’s friend- the owner of the original Detroit Coney Dogs gifted them with a delicious midnight snack for the guests.2013-04-01_139 2013-04-01_140 2013-04-01_141

Wedding Dress- Carol-Hannah 
Wedding Shoes- BHLDN– Elopement Pumps
Hotel- Roberts Riverwalk Hotel
Ceremony- Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Wedding Reception- Belle Isle Casino
Florist- Viviano
Makeup- Caitlin Youngblood
Wedding Catering: Marchiori– organic!
Marching Band- Detroit Party Marching Band– Elle’s friends!
Reception Band- Larry Lee & the Back in the Day Band (this wedding was really all about the music – getting everyone up and dancing and having fun) Amazing performers, and an AMAZING way to incorporate some local Detriot NFL love into your wedding, these guys are awesome!
Wedding Invitations- Senor & Senora

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  1. Wendy says:

    Soooo beautiful, great shoes, amazing venue and wonderful photos! What a great night it was 🙂

  2. Charlene says:

    Had a fantastic time!!Had a fantastic time Studio Finch did a GREAT JOB!!

  3. Amanda says:

    Elle. Is. Gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Gabby says:

    Wow what great pics!! Elle and Tommy are ADORBZ!!!