My favorite photo ever- cancun/chicago wedding photographer My favorite photo ever- cancun/chicago wedding photographer

My Favorite photo ever…

Ding dong. Wait- what?  The Fedex delivery guy ACTUALLY RANG THE DOORBELL?!  NO WAY! (Turns out, it wasn’t this delivery guy’s normal route- darn)

So with that- Meghan and Ben’s wedding album arrived over the weekend!
Okay, so It’s true- I’m pretty bad at the whole blog thing. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to post the most favorite photo I’ve ever taken.  The one on the right-hand side of their album spread.

meghan ben cancun wedding album slate leather

It’s simple, windswept, one of the last photos we took from their amazing Cancun wedding weekend- filled with flash mobs, memorial catamaran sailing trips, beautiful light, and a wonderful group of people. With that, and all of the other destination weddings we’ve done lately, I guess you could call us chicago destination wedding photographer . 🙂 But for real, I promise to blog the other 50+ weddings we haven’t blogged, because they are all awesome. Eeek!