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Healthy Lifestyle Weight loss Update and a Cheers to 2016

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So here we are, 13 months into our breakup with sugar. (Don’t worry, we are sweet enough- haha) Today marks our 13th month without sugar. It’s been an express train to the healthy lifestyle, weight loss bandwagon, which is awesome.

The snippet above is a bit of the colorful variety to the foods we do eat- beans, veggies, cheese, vinegar, farm-to-table meat, and cage-free eggs. I’m a huge fan of Kale- kale chips- they are pretty amazing.

I think the biggest key to our success so far (besides the whole no-sugar + no-carbs stampede) has been our morning protein shakes. I’m super grateful for Jason’s obsession with our blender and figuring out what other veggies he can jam pack into our mornings with protein powder.

To date I am down 63 pounds since the beginning of my diet. Yay to being 2/3’s of the way there! Another 32 pounds to go.

After Jason ran far away from Soda…
and potatoes..
and bread…
and rice…
and any other gluten/sugar/starchy carbs,
he is down 50.8 pounds over the past 13 months.  So woohoo! Here’s to 2016 and progress. 😀 Time up our attendance at the gym for some healthy lifestyle goodness.

And just some notes from the past year-

A bit more on our lifestyle change which we somewhat modified from the book “The Four Hour Body”  –

Things we avoid:

  • Sugar – it was a brutal breakup, but had to be done, we were addicted and just doing this alone we noticed a huge difference.
  • Carbs/Bread – we were/are both carb addicts. “Carboholics” I like to call it.
  • Diet Soda – this was the hardest thing for Jason to give up by far.

Things we love:

  • Bacon – nuf said
  • Cauliflower crust pizza – this really helps satisfy a craving and after being off bread it tasted amazing. Jason figured out how to get the ‘crust’ just right without having to add any breadcrumbs.
  • Not counting calories – our new lifestyle is a qualitative one and not a quantitative one. Meaning we don’t count calories, we just only eat certain types of healthy foods.
  • Healthy leafy greens – we eat a TON of vegetables everyday and if you have a cheap vegetable market, like Stanley’s, in Chicago, you can’t beat it. There’s not substitute for fresh veggies.
  • Beans – there’s so much you can do a with beans! Beans are our best friends! Also, the Black Bean Cakes on the weekends at the Flying Saucer in Chicago make you feel like you’re cheating.
  • Water – think you’re hungry, you’re probably just thirsty. Jason tells himself this on the daily.
  • Kale – here’s a recipe for an amazing salad from our friend Tasha that we can’t get enough.
  • La Croix – this really helps satisfy any cravings for soda.