Chicago Engagement Photography - Katie and Wes Chicago Engagement Photography - Katie and Wes

Chicago Engagement Photography – Katie and Wes

When Katie and Wes met with us a few months ago, I immediately fell in love with Katie’s hair- instant trademark.  Which fits in perfectly with the fact that she works in brand planning and marketing. Katie and Wes met in college, when they were going to Appalachian State- in North Carolina, where Wes is from.  Best of all- they met on a bus.  🙂  Katie was sporting a fantastic Puma bag, when Wes took a notice to her.  It was quite cute, they revisited all of those memories of bus riding together when Wes proposed.

Katie and Wes opted for more of a life style sort of Chicago engagement photography session – starting off at Starbucks, where Katie learned her love of caramel sauce doused iced coffee- concocted from when she worked at Starbucks while in college.  We then moved onto the Farmer’s Market where we discovered the loveliness of a bloom called Allium- a purple pom pom of sorts. And then moved onto Union Station- where we got this shot….

Love the love, and not to mention the architecture. Katie and Wes are getting married at Promontory Point in August, in the wonderful area of Hyde Park.  Sunset with fantastic clouds over the city of in the distance by the lake? yes please. 🙂

Allium- according to the friendly farmer over at The Flower Garden, in St. Anne, IL- is actually a blooming onion flower. And!  According to wikipedia, Allium is the Latin word for garlic. Ready for one more?  From our North Carolina bride, Cassie, flowers and herbs were carried down the aisle to ward off evil spirits back in the middle ages. So- Allium is not only a little bulbous bloom but also did double duty a few centuries ago.


  1. Stephani Ross says:

    LOVE the pictures. What a fabuous job. Katie, you look BEAUTIFUL. Did I mention I love LOVE 🙂 These photos show your personality and love for each other. God bless you both on your new adventure.

  2. margaret says:

    Really really like the informality of the Katie and Wes photos. They seem to capture the personality and fun of this couple. Great locations too.