Bethany Beach Wedding - Matt & Millie Bethany Beach Wedding - Matt & Millie

Matt & Millie’s Wedding in Bethany Beach, DE!

So- first off….. Millie is one of the most considerate people I’ve ever met.  Seriously though!  Matt and Millie rented out a grand beautiful beach house named Seacolt in Bethany Beach and housed a large chunk of their guests at their Bethany Beach wedding.  I remember when we arrived that she wrote out exact times of shuttles plopped in goodie bags accompanied with delicious crab spiced UTZ chips, salt water taffy, and bottled water.  On top of that- they were totally game for my idea of waking up during sunrise to take some fabulous ocean shots. EPIC!

Matt and Millie had their family formal ceremony on Wednesday at St. Leo’s Catholic Church in Baltimore over in Little Italy.  Now for today- they had a wedding for all of the fun friends and family, with Matt’s childhood pastor/friend as their officiant right on the delightful warm and sandy beach.  Excellent! Oh! Did I mention there were dolphins out when we took photos in the morning?

The space served as a fantastic house party filled with sand, drinks and plenty of cheer to go around.  After the festivities were over, Matt and Millie were able to enjoy the place to themselves for an extra couple of days.  Excellent mini-honeymoon destination indeed.

Matt and Millie, if you guys are ever in Chicago, hit us up!!!  We would love love love your visit!!  You guys are great. 🙂

Before the ceremony, we headed over to Delaware Beach, just up the road and over to the Indian River Inlet, where Matt spent many fun warm days throughout his childhood.

AND!! Last but not least- my favorite shot from the photobooth-

The story? So while the photobooth is coming along fabulously, Matt’s friend, PJ, comes up to me and asks “So… when’s the topless portion of this party?”

Unsure of what to say- I glance down at my watch and reply “um… 9:15 sounds about right.”  And about right indeed- all of the sudden the guys show up, lock the door and quickly pull off the photo while the ladies are banging on the door. Excellent. 🙂


  1. Jen says:

    Woooooow!!!!! Such amazing pics!!! We just got married at Seacolt 2 weeks ago… such a great venue… you did a great job in capturing so many amazing things… the rooftop gargoygle : ) Loved him.