Wilder Mansion Wedding - Megan & Jim Wilder Mansion Wedding - Megan & Jim

Megan and Jim’s Wedding!

I love the way Jim wraps his strong arms around Megan’s waist- every time they hugged, danced, even during their first look.  If people were able to fit like a glove, I’d have to say these two are it.  Megan and Jim were accompanied by Megan’s two sisters and Jim’s two brothers for their wedding party, matching dresses and ties, all in sets of twos. 🙂

Megan and Jim had their first look at the front of Wilder Mansion, in Elmhurst- a couple of hours before this amazing Wilder Mansion wedding, to make time for family shots and other photo ops so that they could enjoy their cocktail hour right along side everyone else. AND! You have to check out the dance party later into the night.  Epic.

Jason doesn’t always get to come along for the start of the day to the salon, but he did today- and I’m glad, because he go this shot:

While I got this one: 🙂

Tickle me Elmo bonanza? What a cutie. 🙂

Megan, you look graceful even when you’re putting on your shoes!

The pack of brothers and sisters-

AND! Not to mention- Megan’s dad is a part of the Emerald City Pipes and Drums Group.  She’s become used to the volume over the years, even when walking through a congested hallway. 😉

These guys are AWESOME!

Congrats guys!


  1. TK says:

    Beautiful photos! You really captured the spirit of the celebration.

  2. karl bratby says:

    stunning set of images.