Chicago Wedding photographer- Arboretum Engagement Session Chicago Wedding photographer- Arboretum Engagement Session

Summer Morton Arboretum Engagement Session- Eileen and Grant

Eileen and Grant flew in for the sunny (and hot!) Chicago photography engagement session at Morton Arboretum. It’s an amazing space where we got to run around all over the grounds on the crunchy grass (or would it be considered hay at that point?)

Tandem bike for the engagement session? Why yes indeed! Eileen and Grant scored an amazing vintage yellow tandem bike off of Craigslist. They live on the East Coast, while Grant is going to grad school in Jersey for his MFA, and he creates quite a bit of awesomeness.  I’ll link it once I dig it out of my email.

Oh those big open sky lakefront shots? Eileen and Grant were game for waking up at sunrise the next morning and meeting us at the lakefront on their bike, just a few hours before their flight home.  Big thanks you two, because the lakefront shots were worth it!

2013-02-07_011 2013-02-07_012 2013-02-07_013

Have to say, pretty jealous of Eileen’s amazing freckles.2013-02-07_014 2013-02-07_015 2013-02-07_016 2013-02-07_017 2013-02-07_018 2013-02-07_019 2013-02-07_020 2013-02-07_021 2013-02-07_022 2013-02-07_023

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  1. Angela says:

    What an amazing tree!!