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Pooja & Ben’s Chicago Indian Wedding Post 1


Ben and Pooja’s amazing wedding weekend was filled with so many colorfully fan-fricken-tastic images that I was having the hardest time figuring out how to split them into two posts. So! I decided to split them into 3.  Now you’re able to enjoy this colorful amazingness for the next three days.  Pooja and Ben’s families were filled with so much joy that I wish I could just plop the thousands of emotional and joyous images online. But, for today, you’ll be able to peek into Pooja’s Mendi and their wonderful Sangeet.  They even flew in Nomo for their Chicago Sangeet.
What is a Sangeet you may ask? Well, it is essentially a celebration before the wedding where the couple’s family and friends perform for the couple, and everyone has an amazing time. Check it out.
2013-06-12_0002 2013-06-12_0003 2013-06-12_0004 2013-06-12_0004B 2013-06-12_0005 2013-06-12_0006 2013-06-12_0007 2013-06-12_0008 2013-06-12_0009 2013-06-12_0010

See the henna circle on the back of her hand? Well, stay tuned for the ferris wheel wedding it represents tomorrow. A Ferris Wheel Wedding at Chicago’s Navy Pier? Why yes indeed. 🙂2013-06-12_0011

Pooja and Ben’s Sangeet was held at the Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Itasca the next day.2013-06-12_0013 2013-06-12_0014 2013-06-12_0015 2013-06-12_0016 2013-06-12_0017

Drums and Pooja, two of Ben’s favorite things right in the palm of his hand. 🙂2013-06-12_0017B 2013-06-12_0018

Pooja’s amazing dad brought in legit street carts from India for the serving of the food before the entertaining began. Awesome dad? Why yes.2013-06-12_0019 2013-06-12_0021 2013-06-12_0022 2013-06-12_0023 2013-06-12_0024 2013-06-12_0025

On the left, the lovely lady in the green is Pooja’s maid of honor. You can check out her tear jerking speech in the video made by Emmanuel of Shadow Vision Films, the guy with the tripod on the right.2013-06-12_0026 2013-06-12_0027 2013-06-12_0028 2013-06-12_0029 2013-06-12_0030 2013-06-12_0031 2013-06-12_0032 2013-06-12_0033 2013-06-12_0034 2013-06-12_0035 2013-06-12_0036 2013-06-12_0037 2013-06-12_0038

Introducing, Nomo.2013-06-12_0039 2013-06-12_0040 2013-06-12_0041 2013-06-12_0042


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