Salvage One Wedding Salvage One Wedding

Stacy and Dominic’s Salvage One Wedding

The early winter weather for Stacy and Dominic’s Salvage One wedding was amazing- or how I’d like to call it, early-fallish- and filled with glass coke bottles for champagne toasts, caramel apple thank you’s and epic pie selections. One of my favorite parts about Stacy is the fact that she laughs when she gets nervous- which just makes everyone else smile and laugh right along with her.

Her flowers were made of ribbon, which was pretty excellent- all bundled in their bouquets. And the something old was Stacy’s amazing shoes she bought on a trip abroad. Went quite well with the bouquets!

Through all of these amazing details, and Stacy and Dominic’s awesome family and friends, I have to repeat for what I told Dominic- his family takes the cake on the quickest massive family portrait of all time!  Impressive!

Now- on to the day:

Notice that Dominic’s tie matches the TV screen? Indeed it does. 😉

For their toast?  Glass Coke bottles instead of champagne- excellent touch.

Hoosier Mama makes the most amazing pies!

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