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Happy Holidays!

A big Happy Holidays from Jason and Ela.  It feels like  the year passed by in in a blink of an eye- a blur of colorful memories and fun persuits, all for which I am quite thankful. We are so excited to be headed into the new year and all of the crazy adventures that come with it. 🙂

To knock it down into a short list, it was a crazy busy year for us:

30 engagement sessions

26 amazing weddings spread across

5 states +

2 countries

1 move into our new space

1 nuptual of our own

and best of all, 1 wonderful adopted doggy.  We’ll make sure to get a photo of him in a Santa hat next year instead of a tree topper. 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!

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Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Our week was spent in the midst of homemade cookies and my attempts of concocting glögg- which is a fantastic Scandinavian spiced wine made with red wine, cinnamon, raisens, and other spirits.  Yay!  Okay- I have to be honest, I made this punch extravaganza simply because I like the name- but who doesn’t!  It’s Glögg!

We spent part of the lovely holiday at my family’s house, playing with the adorable dog Toto- we rescued him over the summer while riding our bikes to the Brach Candy Factory, where filmed the hospital explosion scene in Dark Knight, to take some awesome urban photos- with crooked power-lines, graffiti and all.  After a few weeks of searching and posting flyers, the unmarked bathed little doggy was taken in by my mother- who is in love with him.  Yay for a new best friend! Toto went from being found in the corner of a loading dock to being quite well fed with delicious Turkey and other fixings while being walked by my awesome dad multiple times a day.  I’d have to say, if there ever was a super lucky dog, that would have to be Toto!

With that being said, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, and have a fabulous New Year! Super excited about all of the up coming weddings and stories to tell 2011! 🙂

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