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DIY wedding feature in Ruffledblog

We all have doilies hanging around somewhere.  Whether it be resting on a windowsill under a potted plant or tucked away in a box at your parents’ house.  Together with Revelry Creative, we teamed up to recreate these crochêd little gems.
Another big thank you to Ruffled Blog for featuring the step by step how-to for this DIY wedding project.  Check it out!

DIY wedding feature chicago ruffled blog
Here are the step by steps:

– Flour
– Water
– Balloons
– Vintage Doilies
– Cups (to place balloon doily molds upright while drying)

Blow balloons up to match the size of the doilies (smaller doilies require smaller balloons)
Mix 1 part flour to 1 part water for paste
Dip the doily fully into the Mixture
Wipe excess mixture off of doily
Place the doily on top of the balloon
Place the doily balloon form on top of the cup
Let sit for 3 days until the dome doily structure has hardened.

Let the air out of the balloon and the dry doily will hold the dome shape on its own for decorating.

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