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Antique of the Week

Okay, so more like antique of the month. I couldn’t help but get the whole grouping. I mean, they go so well with the terrarium. The Robin’s Egg Blue-eque chair goes perfectly at the work station- accompanied by the matching coffee mug. (Along with the fantastic mahogany side table and the pink ice crusher of course)

We found these little gems at an antique store in Charleston, IL- while I was visiting my dear friend Andy who is attending Grad School at Eastern Illinois.  Persimmon Lane is an adorable little antique store located in the downtown, town-square area of Charleston- on 6th street, with an extremely nice owner. So, if you’re ever in the Mattoon area, I definitely recommend checking it out.

I love the way things used to be made, pink, innocent looking and everything. UNTIL- you open it up… Check out those chompers on the inside!  Not only does it crush ice, but the metal teeth can easily crush your fingers. None the less, it does an excellent job crushing ice into bits the perfect size for sliding into water bottles.

Gah! Look at that craftsmanship! The furniture designer in me just wanted to hug this table. The way the table comes together is fantastic. And, the legs screw off as well. Like my dad says- they just don’t make things like they used to. With mahogany and love indeed. 🙂

The big country sky on the way to Charleston-

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  • lauren hampson - oohhhhhh girl. we should be best friends with all this appreciation for anything old. and maybe, you should photograph my wedding! 😉

    for an update, adam and i are having the old school sodas in glass bottles in vintage pepsi trays, and a whole lot of other vintage meets modern mess. i am so excited we chose you guys!ReplyCancel

    • Studio Finch - Yes! I’m so excited to see the old school sodas on the trays. It’s hard to resist buying all of the knick knacks when you can use ‘well, it’ll be in the wedding’ as an excuse. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mike P - I am always seeking something like this!ReplyCancel

Chicago Engagement Photography – Heidi and Eric

When Jason and I met Heidi and Eric for coffee, it felt like we knew them.  There is something about them that brings back loads of memories of good times past.  They are a perfect catch for each other- Heidi, you’re absolutely lovely.  And Eric is so incredibly funny. 🙂 The type of person that you can grab a beer with and laugh for hours.  Good humor indeed.  Actually, he reminds me of my friend Dave from Boston- which those good times were always had.

We began this Chicago engagement photography session in the morning with – Heidi and Eric a nautical theme by the beach- with bunches of little boats conveniently lined up for our session. The sky was intense, I cannot get enough of the clouds this week!  Perhaps it’s making up for lost time from this winter. After the beach, we headed over to the amazing Garfield Park Conservatory, located over by the Greenline.  Eric actually had to head to work after the engagement session, along with the day we first met (a Sunday mind you). Given the fact that being a sports writer/commentator, you work when people play (literally).  Heidi and Eric are getting married at Independence Grove in May of next year, filled with 1100 acres of photo ops. Excited about the countless possibilities!  See you two next year. 🙂

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  • Cassie - I love these! Especially the one of them sitting on the boat and the close up of her adorable red shoes and his sperrys. Sigh. Everytime I look at your blog it just gets better and better. 🙂ReplyCancel

Leia and Antwan’s Wedding

I love the way Antwan looks at Leia. In all of the shots, you can just see it- the sparkly in their eyes, the flirting.  I love that. Seriously though, their body language is like a new love that will never fade, there is something about the way Antwan loves Leia- with his whole heart.

With that said, I still can’t get enough of how they told their story of how they met. Antwan asking for Leia’s number while when she met him at her workplace, thinking it’s business, she gave him her business number. Don’t worry, he got her real number less than 24 hours later. 🙂

The day started at the Oak Lawn Hilton- with all of the ladies busily getting ready, and the guys had a chance to go and play hoops in Hyde Park. And everything was perfect.  Perfect dresses, perfect earrings, and perfect friends. The sun even decided to peak out of the rain clouds after the ceremony, giving us a chance to enjoy the outdoors for a bit.

Including, the garter bouquet tosses- filled with toy squirt guns, granny panties, and ladies dancing in unison to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’.

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Springtime at the Frederik Meijer Gardens- Butterflies are Blooming

So much to see on a busy Tuesday at the Gardens!  It’s spring break for most of the public schools in the area so the place was hustling and bustling and a line out the door filled with excited Garden’s goers. The Frederik Meijer Gardens is located in Grand Rapids, MI, and is filled with amazing sculptures from artists such as: Michele Oka Doner, Alexander Calder, Auguste Rodin, Laura Ford, Alexander Liberman, and dozens upon dozens more. Not only that but there are herds of horticulturists studying and maintaining all of the flowers and plants in the conservatory and all over the park. Along with over 200 volunteers, and with out them, the beauty and magnificent aura of the Gardens wouldn’t be possible. (Did I mention they do weddings?) 🙂

To put it lightly, the Gardens is over 30 acres of awesome.

The conservatory which holds the ‘Blooming Butterflies’ houses around 6,000 during the 2 month event.  From the Arid Garden entry way into the butterfly exhibit, and onto the Seasonal Garden, holding dozens of Monarch Butterflies, and onto the grand conservatory.  Most of the butterflies in the Lena Meijer Tropical Conservatory are tropical- over 40 species in fact.  One of my favorite things to watch isn’t just the butterflies, but all of the excited kids sticking their fingers out, hoping that a butterfly will decide to perch.  What a fantastic entry to spring!

Sculpture: ‘Eve’ by Auguste Rodin

Brown on the outside and blue within… the pictured above and below are actually the same specimen. And! Through much teamwork, we were able to get him to open his wings.  I find its name, Blue Morpho, to be a nice description . On average, their wingspan is between 5 – 8 inches! Making them one of the largest butterflies in the rainforest.

Sculpture: ‘One and Other’ by Antony Gormley

Last but not least, I want to extend a shout out to the ever fabulous Jasmine Star, an amazing wedding photographer based out of California.  Happy birthday!! You were great at WPPI!

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  • Rachel T - Beautiful photos! Makes me feel bad that I haven’t gotten out to see the butterflies this year even though I live in Grand Rapids. Are you planning on going to any concerts there this summer?ReplyCancel