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Chicago Wedding Photography – Art Institute at the Modern Wing


Jes and Ed’s Chicago Art Institute Wedding was a whirlwind of wonderful- filled with simple clean, white modern design- and touches of blue. Which is why we decided to start off the post of you two in front of Georgia O’keeffe’s Sky Above Clouds. Quite fitting colors and emotion indeed.

The day started off at Hotel Sax, with an amazing view of the Marina Towers. Their ceremony was at the beautiful Holy Family Church, and then we ran around town for a couple of hours eating hot dogs and venturing around at different photo op locations before ending up at the  Terzo Piano at the Modern Wing for the reception. 🙂


Allure Bridal wedding dress and sparkly Miu Miu shoes? Yes please.2013-02-11_0002 2013-02-11_0003 2013-02-11_0004 2013-02-11_0005

Jes’ garter was made by pieces of other family member’s weddings just for her, I thought it was quite sweet.


In case you ever wondered where Jes gets her good looks from- we introduce, her mom- vavavoom! 2013-02-11_0007

2013-02-11_0008 2013-02-11_0009 2013-02-11_0010 2013-02-11_0011 2013-02-11_0011b 2013-02-11_0011c 2013-02-11_0012 2013-02-11_0013 2013-02-11_0014 2013-02-11_0017 2013-02-11_0018 2013-02-11_0019 2013-02-11_0020 2013-02-11_0021 2013-02-11_0022 2013-02-11_0023 2013-02-11_0024 2013-02-11_0025 2013-02-11_0027 2013-02-11_0028 2013-02-11_0029 2013-02-11_0030 2013-02-11_0031 2013-02-11_0032

Dear lovely guest signing the guest book cards, thank you for wearing this beautiful dress- you make these photos coordinate perfectly.2013-02-11_0033 2013-02-11_0034 2013-02-11_0035 2013-02-11_0036 2013-02-11_0037 2013-02-11_0038 2013-02-11_0039 2013-02-11_0040 2013-02-11_0041 2013-02-11_0042 2013-02-11_0043

A big thank you to TVK Orchestra for putting on an amazing show, you guys were great!2013-02-11_0044 2013-02-11_0045Ed, when you and your parents were sharing your story of why you picked the Modern Wing, it made me tear up behind the camera- your parents are amazing.

2013-02-11_0046 2013-02-11_0047 2013-02-11_0048 2013-02-11_0049 2013-02-11_0050 2013-02-11_0051

Congrats again you two, and thank you for having us a part of your amazing day!2013-02-11_0052

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