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Chicago Engagement Photography – Stacy and Dominic

If I could describe Stacy in one word, I have to say- I’d go with spunky.  Filled with energy, and best of all- she laughs when she gets nervous.  Which is perfect for photos! We loved Stacy and Dominic’s Chicago engagement photography session!

To add a bit of background into the description-Stacy met Dominic while going out with some of her friends… and when she saw Dominic (a perfect stranger at the time)- she asked him if she could touch his sideburns.  That’s right Stacy, I put that online! 🙂  And I’m so glad you asked him, if there ever was a couple that is more like yin and yang- it would be Stacy and Dominic.  Dominic does construction- with concrete. Stacy does urban landscaping- with plants.  I kind of found that perfect when we heard their story the day we met with them.

And I have to admit- I am quite excited to see the details in their Italian family style wedding at Salvage One this November.  And to the dress reaction, which Stacy is pretty geeked about.  Oh and the dress?  Apparently she made record time at the bridal salon… 1 dress, they had her size in stock and she was in and out in 15 minutes.  INDEED!  Excited to see you guys in a couple of months!

And who doesn’t love a couple that wants to do a few robot dance poses for their engagement?  Excellent!

Oh and I have to add… there did appear to be some sparkly gold at the end of the rainbow we walked by from a fountain. 😉

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Chicago Engagement Photography – Lauren and Adam

We had such a great time with Lauren and Adam’s Chicago engagement photography session! Lauren and Adam are from quite different climates of the US spectrum… Lauren is a sunshine southern gal, and well- Adam is from the snow bearing state of Wisconsin. (Our neighbors to the north!) 🙂

These two met by chance on a cruise, which only lasted a handful of days- but they were inseparable since.  How? Well, long distance of course.  They racked up frequent flyer miles visiting one another… probably making delightful choices over who gets to visit who depending on which season it is.  Adam flew down a couple of months ago to pop Lauren the question, which was a complete surprise- she didn’t even know that he was coming to visit!

AND! Lauren just moved up to the wonderful town of Kenosha and immediately started a job, so we had to wait until less than two weeks before their wedding to catch a chance to take engagement shots- Very much looking forward to seeing you in Milwaukee in a couple of Saturdays!

(pssst- Jason and I got engaged in Milwaukee.. so trust me, it’s an awesome town filled with good people.) 😀

AAAAAND!  Did I mention that they brought their adorably sweet doggie down with them? 😀  I have a serious rage of puppy fever, you know- like when women have baby fever?  Yea… I surf and stalk petfinder.com at least twice a week.

Yea… she stole the show for a bit. 🙂

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Chicago Engagement Photography – Govanni and Tim

We headed down to Kinzie street bridge, early- most of Chicago was sleeping still.  Govanni grew quite used to waking up super duper early while at school… I have never seen people this chipper this early in the morning. 🙂 Which was awesome as there was much to chat about while we were waiting for the greenline to go by in the background… gambling whether or not it would take 20 minutes (Sunday mornings indeed)

Govanni and Tim are getting married at A New Leaf in almost exactly a month!  I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with the space.  A New Leaf?  Well, make sure to check out their site!  And- it was conveniently close to some of the spots we shot their Chicago engagement photography session at. 😉

See you guys in a month!


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  • Diane Schafer - The pictures are awesome, you captured their personalities on every one of them.
    I love the black and white photos, can ‘t wait to see the wedding pictures!
    Thank you for capturing the smiles of two very special people I love!ReplyCancel

  • Marilu Luna - What a beautiful couple. Can’t wait for the wedding! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - OMG you look just like Liesel and Rolf in The Sound of Music! 🙂

    Great shots! Can’t wait to see you.


Jen and Andy got married!

Andy and Jen got married this weekend.  🙂

More to come after the week filled with engagements!

We couldn’t be happier to photograph at this Chicago vintage themed wedding!

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  • Lacy - Wow. When you say the pictures are good, you rlaely mean it. I’m in awe. I love your art. Thank you sooooo much XOXOReplyCancel

Megan and Jim’s Wedding!

I love the way Jim wraps his strong arms around Megan’s waist- every time they hugged, danced, even during their first look.  If people were able to fit like a glove, I’d have to say these two are it.  Megan and Jim were accompanied by Megan’s two sisters and Jim’s two brothers for their wedding party, matching dresses and ties, all in sets of twos. 🙂

Megan and Jim had their first look at the front of Wilder Mansion, in Elmhurst- a couple of hours before this amazing Wilder Mansion wedding, to make time for family shots and other photo ops so that they could enjoy their cocktail hour right along side everyone else. AND! You have to check out the dance party later into the night.  Epic.

Jason doesn’t always get to come along for the start of the day to the salon, but he did today- and I’m glad, because he go this shot:

While I got this one: 🙂

Tickle me Elmo bonanza? What a cutie. 🙂

Megan, you look graceful even when you’re putting on your shoes!

The pack of brothers and sisters-

AND! Not to mention- Megan’s dad is a part of the Emerald City Pipes and Drums Group.  She’s become used to the volume over the years, even when walking through a congested hallway. 😉

These guys are AWESOME!

Congrats guys!

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