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Katherine and David

The weather was perfect- a delightful 68 degrees and sunny in the midst of storms and 90 degree heat.  How did we get so lucky?  On top of that, the breeze on the lakefront in Evanston which we had the opportunity to check out after the wedding was excellent.

Katie and David got married at the Hilton Orrington, up in Evanston, IL. The details were wonderful- the centerpieces being one of my favorites- Books!  To go with the theme from the engagement shoot 2 weeks ago at O’gara and Wilson bookstore in Hyde Park. On top of the lovely stacks of books sat a well arranged mound of purple flowers, carrying the same texture as Katie’s dress. (And cake!)   From those details, we move onto the something old and blue- Grandma’s kerchief. <3

I was amazed at the detail job on Katie’s shoes- turns out she bought them on Etsy! The shoes were shipped just in time from Pretty Grotesque in London.

Rummaging though drawers a few weeks before the wedding, David stumbled upon a letter from his best man Daniel after summer camp in 1999.  David was the camp counselor and they had a great connection, from listening to new tunes, to talking about how the cubbies were actually winning, and the weather.  It was wonderful, and an amazing tear jerker during his speak, my eyes even watered until i bit my lip and kept on snapping photos.

Katie’s lovely mom suprised her with a visit from her friend from gradeschool,Thom Zolghadr (a talented violinist) who now lives in Los Angeles, wandering into the room, stylish with violin melodies and all. 🙂 EEEK!  I was having such a hard time keeping in the secret. But, she told us a few minutes before he showed, so there wasn’t too much time to keep quiet.



See? See!? The matching texture of the bouquet and dress?  Wonderful!

The best of congrats to both of you.  🙂  Enjoy the time together with the new puppies, and have fun at your new job!!! xoxo

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  • Katie - What fabulous pictures! Studio Finch made our special day even more amazing by providing us with such beautiful memories to look back on!ReplyCancel

  • Judy Burns - Gr-8 pictures. Hopefully there will be more to see. I especially love the one of David & katie on the beach.ReplyCancel

    • Howard Walker - Yes, the sign says it all. “No Lifeguard On Duty”. They are on their own for the journey.ReplyCancel

  • Howard Walker - Wonderful wedding. Wonderful photos. Keep both forever.ReplyCancel

  • Janine Caffrey - I was so thrilled to see my beautiful niece so happy, and your photos really captured her joy – and David’s! I cried all over again today looking at this.


  • Cara - These are lovely pictures of a wonderful day. I’m so glad I could be there for Katie and Davids big day. I hope they stay as happy in the coming years as they look in these pictures.ReplyCancel

  • Lori Kalbfleisch - What a blissful, beautiful blushing bride! The groom wasn’t looking too shabby either:) Katherine and David will cherish this day for the rest of their lives and I’m so happy for them both. Lots more in store for these two in the future!!

    We all had a wonderful day… thanks to Ela and Jason for making it so memorable with all these great shots too~!ReplyCancel

  • Bill Kalbfleisch - Katie & David are the perfect couple. What one needs, the other provides, in thought, word and deed. Thanks for sharing your special day with us. The photos are really terrific too!ReplyCancel

  • Annette - I love the pictures! It was such and honor to be by your sides, Katie and David 🙂ReplyCancel

  • David - Jason and Ela are an amazing team! I can’t wait to have these pictures in our home. Thank you so much for creating such beautiful memories for us.

Chicago Engagement Photography – Katie and Wes

When Katie and Wes met with us a few months ago, I immediately fell in love with Katie’s hair- instant trademark.  Which fits in perfectly with the fact that she works in brand planning and marketing. Katie and Wes met in college, when they were going to Appalachian State- in North Carolina, where Wes is from.  Best of all- they met on a bus.  🙂  Katie was sporting a fantastic Puma bag, when Wes took a notice to her.  It was quite cute, they revisited all of those memories of bus riding together when Wes proposed.

Katie and Wes opted for more of a life style sort of Chicago engagement photography session – starting off at Starbucks, where Katie learned her love of caramel sauce doused iced coffee- concocted from when she worked at Starbucks while in college.  We then moved onto the Farmer’s Market where we discovered the loveliness of a bloom called Allium- a purple pom pom of sorts. And then moved onto Union Station- where we got this shot….

Love the love, and not to mention the architecture. Katie and Wes are getting married at Promontory Point in August, in the wonderful area of Hyde Park.  Sunset with fantastic clouds over the city of in the distance by the lake? yes please. 🙂

Allium- according to the friendly farmer over at The Flower Garden, in St. Anne, IL- is actually a blooming onion flower. And!  According to wikipedia, Allium is the Latin word for garlic. Ready for one more?  From our North Carolina bride, Cassie, flowers and herbs were carried down the aisle to ward off evil spirits back in the middle ages. So- Allium is not only a little bulbous bloom but also did double duty a few centuries ago.

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  • Stephani Ross - LOVE the pictures. What a fabuous job. Katie, you look BEAUTIFUL. Did I mention I love LOVE 🙂 These photos show your personality and love for each other. God bless you both on your new adventure.ReplyCancel

  • margaret - Really really like the informality of the Katie and Wes photos. They seem to capture the personality and fun of this couple. Great locations too.ReplyCancel

Save the Date

When Jen sent me her save the date design, I instantly fell in love.  Indeed- so much that I wanted to share.  Jen is a graphic designer at JIH Designs making save the dates, invitations, logos, and designs for many of the eco friendly and environmentally conscious brides and businesses in Chicago.

So- with that being said, 3 months from today, Jen and Andy are getting hitched in the best of rustic and vintage of styles.  Can’t wait!Save the date! I know we did- 5 months ago. 🙂

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  • Jane - So cool! How did you do the moving image??ReplyCancel

Chicago Engagement Photography – Sarah and Will

You can tell that Sarah loves Will by the look in her eyes during their Chicago engagement photography, they sparkle with a genuine smile.  Will made it really easy for us to take photos because he is hilarious.  Seriously, he should be doing stand up comedy. Sarah and Will met their Junior year of college- back at Michigan State University and have lived in New York, Uganda and South Africa, helping make the world a better place.  Doing so, they are the perfect match, Sarah is a teacher and Will works with the green initiative- making the possibilities endless.

Sarah and Will are having an outdoor Limoncello filled wedding festivity along the Fox River in Trout Valley next month.  Under the trees and stars, with DIY touches at their finest. 🙂 Honestly though, Sarah and Will’s wedding has had me excited for a couple of months now- Vintage? Nature? DIY? Yes please! Can’t wait!

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Chicago Engagement Photography – Heidi and Eric

When Jason and I met Heidi and Eric for coffee, it felt like we knew them.  There is something about them that brings back loads of memories of good times past.  They are a perfect catch for each other- Heidi, you’re absolutely lovely.  And Eric is so incredibly funny. 🙂 The type of person that you can grab a beer with and laugh for hours.  Good humor indeed.  Actually, he reminds me of my friend Dave from Boston- which those good times were always had.

We began this Chicago engagement photography session in the morning with – Heidi and Eric a nautical theme by the beach- with bunches of little boats conveniently lined up for our session. The sky was intense, I cannot get enough of the clouds this week!  Perhaps it’s making up for lost time from this winter. After the beach, we headed over to the amazing Garfield Park Conservatory, located over by the Greenline.  Eric actually had to head to work after the engagement session, along with the day we first met (a Sunday mind you). Given the fact that being a sports writer/commentator, you work when people play (literally).  Heidi and Eric are getting married at Independence Grove in May of next year, filled with 1100 acres of photo ops. Excited about the countless possibilities!  See you two next year. 🙂

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  • Cassie - I love these! Especially the one of them sitting on the boat and the close up of her adorable red shoes and his sperrys. Sigh. Everytime I look at your blog it just gets better and better. 🙂ReplyCancel