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Chicago Engagement Photography Session- Mary Beth and Sam

Chicago Engagement Garden Love Studio Finch


Sam is an amazing gardener/painter/anything vegetables. We weren’t surprised how awesome their Chicago engagement photography session turned out. They’re actually sitting at the entrance to their garden, so incredibly lush and green. The garden hose adds a nice touch too. Mary Beth and Sam are both artists actually, Mary Beth worked at The Chicago Art institute, and Sam runs a creative space/ is an incredible painter- once again I have to find his website.
Mary Beth and Sam are got married at Lincoln Park, in front of the Lincoln Statue and held their amazing reception at Maxim’s.

Update: Sam’s website!
2013-02-16_0002 Chicago Engagement City Urban Studio Finch Chicago Engagement City Urban Studio Finch Chicago Engagement Garden Love Studio Finch

Oh, this little guy who stole the show? His name is Space Ghost, which is quite fitting- he has the same coloring as Space Ghost.  Chicago Engagement Garden Dog Love Studio Finch Chicago Engagement Garden Dog Love Studio Finch Chicago Engagement Garden Dog Love Studio Finch Chicago Engagement Garden Love Studio Finch Chicago Engagement Garden Love Studio Finch

¡Viva Chicago! indeed!Engagement Viva Chicago Engagement Graffiti Sunny Chicago Engagement Urband Beauty Sunny Chicago Engagement Urband Beauty Chicago Engagement Loft Brick Wall Studio Finch Chicago Engagement Loft Studio Finch Chicago Engagement Loft Studio Finch

No one can resist a photo at Stanley’s – an amazing grocery store, if you haven’t been, make sure to check it out. 🙂Chicago Engagement Stanley's Fruit & Vegetable Market Chicago Engagement Nature BeautifulCongrats on the house in Colorado you guys!!!

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  • samuel polce - stunning. i love it!! thank you so much. the whole weekend was fantastic. Studio Finch is great!!ReplyCancel

  • Ang - My type of couple. Love their style!ReplyCancel

  • Kacy - You look lovely! great photosReplyCancel

  • MJ peterson - Awesome guys. KudosReplyCancel

  • Gina - Hi from REstart! Big fan! 🙂
    What a pleasant engagement!ReplyCancel

Chicago Wedding Photography – Art Institute at the Modern Wing


Jes and Ed’s Chicago Art Institute Wedding was a whirlwind of wonderful- filled with simple clean, white modern design- and touches of blue. Which is why we decided to start off the post of you two in front of Georgia O’keeffe’s Sky Above Clouds. Quite fitting colors and emotion indeed.

The day started off at Hotel Sax, with an amazing view of the Marina Towers. Their ceremony was at the beautiful Holy Family Church, and then we ran around town for a couple of hours eating hot dogs and venturing around at different photo op locations before ending up at the  Terzo Piano at the Modern Wing for the reception. 🙂


Allure Bridal wedding dress and sparkly Miu Miu shoes? Yes please.2013-02-11_0002 2013-02-11_0003 2013-02-11_0004 2013-02-11_0005

Jes’ garter was made by pieces of other family member’s weddings just for her, I thought it was quite sweet.


In case you ever wondered where Jes gets her good looks from- we introduce, her mom- vavavoom! 2013-02-11_0007

2013-02-11_0008 2013-02-11_0009 2013-02-11_0010 2013-02-11_0011 2013-02-11_0011b 2013-02-11_0011c 2013-02-11_0012 2013-02-11_0013 2013-02-11_0014 2013-02-11_0017 2013-02-11_0018 2013-02-11_0019 2013-02-11_0020 2013-02-11_0021 2013-02-11_0022 2013-02-11_0023 2013-02-11_0024 2013-02-11_0025 2013-02-11_0027 2013-02-11_0028 2013-02-11_0029 2013-02-11_0030 2013-02-11_0031 2013-02-11_0032

Dear lovely guest signing the guest book cards, thank you for wearing this beautiful dress- you make these photos coordinate perfectly.2013-02-11_0033 2013-02-11_0034 2013-02-11_0035 2013-02-11_0036 2013-02-11_0037 2013-02-11_0038 2013-02-11_0039 2013-02-11_0040 2013-02-11_0041 2013-02-11_0042 2013-02-11_0043

A big thank you to TVK Orchestra for putting on an amazing show, you guys were great!2013-02-11_0044 2013-02-11_0045Ed, when you and your parents were sharing your story of why you picked the Modern Wing, it made me tear up behind the camera- your parents are amazing.

2013-02-11_0046 2013-02-11_0047 2013-02-11_0048 2013-02-11_0049 2013-02-11_0050 2013-02-11_0051

Congrats again you two, and thank you for having us a part of your amazing day!2013-02-11_0052

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Anna and Eui-Young’s Chicago Hilton Doubletree Wedding

Anna and Eui-Young have a fond love of games, or anything fun for that matter (except sushi for Anna, but she’ll stomach it for Eui-Young). Their amazingly fun Chicago Hilton Doubletree Wedding had all the bright pops of color you’d hope for. Anna even got colorful robes for all of her bridesmaids, and you know I love anything coordinated. 🙂

The handy thing about having a wedding in Arlington Heights, is that you can find both nature and urban all in one place.  So much so, that there are even ice cream trucks at the forest preserve! An ice cream truck wedding? perfect.And! The dancing was colorful as well, especially with Eui-Young’s special rendition of Gangnam Style, together with all of his groomsmen.  Excellent moves gentlemen.
Hope that you two had an amazing honeymoon!!

2013-04-01_001 2013-04-01_002 2013-04-01_003 2013-04-01_004 2013-04-01_005 2013-04-01_006 2013-04-01_007 2013-04-01_008Anna, you have the most amazingly smooth legs ever.

2013-04-01_010 2013-04-01_009 2013-04-01_011 2013-04-01_012 2013-04-01_013 2013-04-01_014 2013-04-01_015 2013-04-01_016 2013-04-01_017 2013-04-01_018 2013-04-01_019 2013-04-01_020 2013-04-01_021 2013-04-01_022 2013-04-01_023 2013-04-01_024 2013-04-01_025 2013-04-01_026 2013-04-01_027 2013-04-01_028 2013-04-01_029 2013-04-01_030 2013-04-01_031 2013-04-01_032 2013-04-01_033 2013-04-01_034
Eui-Young and the crew dancing to Gangnam Style? Why of course!2013-04-01_035 2013-04-01_036 2013-04-01_037 2013-04-01_038 2013-04-01_039 2013-04-01_040 2013-04-01_041 2013-04-01_042 2013-04-01_043 2013-04-01_044


Wedding Dress- Watters Gown
Shoes- Style & Co
Florist- Kimberose- Kim Dunlap
3rd Shooter- Jennifer Reed
Ceremony- Community Presbyterian Church
Reception- Doubletree by Hilton Chicago – Arlington Heights
Hair- Tamara Hair & Makeup
Honeymoon Destination- Hawaii!

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Summer Morton Arboretum Engagement Session- Eileen and Grant

Eileen and Grant flew in for the sunny (and hot!) Chicago photography engagement session at Morton Arboretum. It’s an amazing space where we got to run around all over the grounds on the crunchy grass (or would it be considered hay at that point?)

Tandem bike for the engagement session? Why yes indeed! Eileen and Grant scored an amazing vintage yellow tandem bike off of Craigslist. They live on the East Coast, while Grant is going to grad school in Jersey for his MFA, and he creates quite a bit of awesomeness.  I’ll link it once I dig it out of my email.

Oh those big open sky lakefront shots? Eileen and Grant were game for waking up at sunrise the next morning and meeting us at the lakefront on their bike, just a few hours before their flight home.  Big thanks you two, because the lakefront shots were worth it!

2013-02-07_011 2013-02-07_012 2013-02-07_013

Have to say, pretty jealous of Eileen’s amazing freckles.2013-02-07_014 2013-02-07_015 2013-02-07_016 2013-02-07_017 2013-02-07_018 2013-02-07_019 2013-02-07_020 2013-02-07_021 2013-02-07_022 2013-02-07_023

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A delightful backyard Naperville Wedding


Amy has impeccable taste- and patience. And it showed with all of the amazing hard work she pulled off with her  team in the backyard. It was completely transformed into the perfect Naperville wedding after party/bonfire/danceoff/photobooth/patiolight amazingness. From diy tea tin wedding centerpieces, to the photobooth props and furniture, it was unforgettable. And- a perfect place to have a first look before the ceremony.
Mike adds to Amy’s great tastes by not only being devilishly handsome, but also for getting her a west elm credenza as a wedding gift. (and you all know that I love me some West Elm.) 😉
Amy and Mike had quite thoughtful wedding favors little boxes filled with some of their favorite things, fruit jam, and hot sauce.  Excellent choices!

Love this chest of quilts to keep guests warm.2013-04-01_047 2013-04-01_048 2013-04-01_050 2013-04-01_051 2013-04-01_052 2013-04-01_053 2013-04-01_054 2013-04-01_055 2013-04-01_056 2013-04-01_057 2013-04-01_058 2013-04-01_059 2013-04-01_060 2013-04-01_061 2013-04-01_062 2013-04-01_063 2013-04-01_064 2013-04-01_065 2013-04-01_066 2013-04-01_067 2013-04-01_068 2013-04-01_069 2013-04-01_070 2013-04-01_071 2013-04-01_072 2013-04-01_073 2013-04-01_074 2013-04-01_075 2013-04-01_076 2013-04-01_077 2013-04-01_078 2013-04-01_079 2013-04-01_080 2013-04-01_081 2013-04-01_082

Wedding Dress- Nicole Miller – love her!
Bride’s Shoes- Laura Ashley
Florist- Phillips
Hair- Maria from Zano’s Salon
Ceremony? New Covenant Church
Reception- Maggiano’s
Afterparty- Mike’s Parents’ delightfully DIY wedding decorated Backyard <3
Honeymoon- Denver!

To see more of our work check out our portfolio.

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