Victoria and John's Philadelphia Engagement Photography Session Victoria and John's Philadelphia Engagement Photography Session

Victoria and John’s Philadelphia Engagement Session

We met John and Victoria at Matt and Millie’s Bethany Beach wedding back in 2011. We cooed with joy when we found out that they’d fly us out to Philadelphia for their wedding and Philadelphia engagement photography session. (Yes indeed, Jason can Coo, and don’t let him tell you otherwise)
Victoria and John have the classic boy meets girl- through mutual friends, and once they met, they never left each other’s side. You’ll have to meet their friends, they’re a pretty great group.  Laid back, and the perfect audience for a Brewery reception.
For Victoria and John’s engagement session, we met up for coffee on a rainy Philadelphia day, caught up with some warm drinks and played ‘hide and go seek’ with the rain clouds for the rest of the afternoon.
2013-04-01_00222013-04-01_0023 2013-04-01_0024

I love the John’s yellow Colorado shirt matches the Stumptown Cold Brew coffee(beer) bottle in the photo below. 🙂 2013-04-01_0025 2013-04-01_0026 2013-04-01_0027 2013-04-01_0028
Love you guys.2013-04-01_0029 2013-04-01_0030
In the midst of exploring the neighborhoods of Philadelphia throughout the engagement session, we stumbled upon this historic warehouse. I love how everything has history on the east coast!2013-04-01_0031 2013-04-01_0032 2013-04-01_0033 2013-04-01_0034 2013-04-01_0035 2013-04-01_0036

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  1. Benny says:

    I don’t live in Phili, but now want to after seeing this session!! How were the cheese steaks??

  2. Crissy says:

    Loooove the colors!! Vintage goodness yay!!

  3. Janet says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the coffee shop!!! Great looking couple and photos 🙂